Artist Statement

Welcome to the world of Cuban visual artist, AdriaNomada

In his own words:

I intend an interdisciplinary and combinatorial language, dissolution of the traditional frontiers between science and art, instrumentality and humanism, technology and mysticism, heir of my training in the two fields, as an exercise of ethos, an ecology of sustainable language in the “true perspective, Distinct, and instead of any definitive truth prejudice of the expert according to the modern condition. A critique of Kantian reason and the Cartesian discourse of the method,  from the phenomenology of the spirit or a vocation of holos. The challenge of an integral spirituality (Ken Wilber) or for the better, the challenge of a “Unified Field Theory of Consciousness”. A work of transversal dimension “that watches” – from the Taoist point of view – “to find something to find support”, generation and consciousness (a healing intention that begins in the “I”).

The world is sick due to lack of beauty. I can’t change the world, but I can change myself. It is an integrative perspective, close to L’Art Total, without bounding edges, or paralyzing institutional walls: Art does not pursue work but freedom. From the investigational archeological appropriation of a proto-cultural or prehistoric codex to neurology, computerized tomography and avant-garde physics, from the genealogical constellation of the oblique corpus, to the holophractographic industrial design as a Multiversal neoconception, or an “M” Theory: (Maia, Module, Membrane, Matrix, Mater). The work is a pretext, a symptom of resistance, a deidentification of the characteristic maximalist, polar and Manichaean dualism, not a traditional historiography of the siGno, perennial Si and No. Beyond the Hegelian dialectic: a conjunction of impossible, communion of opposites, reconciliation of opposites, for an indissoluble unity of the complementary ones. What the epistemologist Theodor Adorno shows as “intelligence of adverse phenomena”, rather than dialectic, a paradox of negativity.

— AdriaNomada