AdriaNomada, born Adrián Morales Rodríguez (Havana, Cuba, 1965)

AdriaNomada studied mechanical engineering, earning a doctorate in aesthetics from the Sorbonne University in Paris under the tutelage of Jacques Derrida.

Researcher, visual artist, musician (composer and multi-instrumentalist) and curator, AdriaNomada is an interdisciplinary creator who constantly evokes a work close to Total Art: main exponent and protagonist of what is called today The Cuban Renaissance, the Generation of the Eighties. Pioneer of language multimedia, he left Cuba with the highest intellectual and professional training, fleeing censorship and political harassment. He is a communicator who moves in various disciplines and styles, both in art and in thought, and technology. Likewise within the field of visual music performance, a project that it begins almost simultaneously combining visual arts exhibitions and concerts since 1985.

Among publications and essays of his are: PsicoManualDigital, The Death of the Brush or The Prehistory of Infographics. Magazine, Topics for discussion Nº 21-22. Madrid. 1996, Archeology of Silence. Content without Continent, for the German artist Hildegard Hahn, Edit. Centro de Arte La Regenta, Vice-Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands, 1997, the monograph on his Hispanic visual work. Between Simulation and Ecstasy, Edit. NomadArt Barcelona. 2002; Sobredalí or The Metastasis of the Unconscious (Book and DVD) Edt. Joán Abelló Foundation, 2005.

With work in museums such as MoMA New York, the Vila Casas Foundation, Santa Monica Art Center, with exhibitions at the Reina Sofía Museum, the Atlantic Center for Modern Art, and the Beaubourg Foundation.

And the music CDs.
Nómada, Ventilador Edit. 1996;
Ruta sobre Ruinas, Ventilador Edit. 1999;
Shampoo: A Stop on the Road. NomadART Productions. 2006;
and recently Pilgrim Souvenir. Notes for a Cimática, his latest record for NomadART.

AdriaNomada lives and works between Barcelona and the United States.